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As You can see I survived Winter….

I don’t know why I did it….

Beautiful photos.


A little taste of Rittenhouse Tavern

Wetherill Cup & Tavern Lemonade
Poached gulf shrimp pave
RT Negroni & Planters Punch
Beet salad, deviled eggs with pork scrapple, Spanish octopus a la plancha with black pudding, apricot and potato chips.
Housemade spicy fudge

After getting a little taste of Chef Nicholas Elmi’s food at the Hop Chef event, I got a bit obsessed with trying more of it. I was thinking of the hamachi with sea urchin,  wheatgrass, citrus and coriander dish he made for Hop Chef, I don’t think I had eaten anything that viscerally memorable ever. Its not just the memory of the taste, but also kind of a vivid memory of the experience of eating it, and remembering that first bite and how amazing I found the flavors to be.

Anyway after a photo session I invited Chaisely to go check out Rittenhouse Tavern, we ordered a few appetizers and starters along with cocktails. I’ll say it was a very sensory experience; I mean most people think of eating as just satisfying hunger but this meal was also a very visual experience as you can see. On paper the ingredients sound familiar, but the presentation (and sometimes the cooking technique used) made for an unexpected treat.

From start to finish our meal was exceptional and beautiful. I hadn’t been to a restaurant in a long time that served freshly baked bread, it was some of the most delicious bread that I’ve had in a while. To end our meal we got complimentary spicy fudge, which capped off our sensory journey with a nice vivid spark on our tongues.

Rittenhouse Tavern recently got a 3 bell review from Craig LaBan, so you have no reason not to give this place a try if you get the chance. 

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Do you want Love?

back when she was good~


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